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    The U Can is Joe Gardener Certified
     "Best of the Must-Haves 2010"

    Jim Ugone and Joe

    Features and Benefits

    The U CAN is a unique watering can that stores your fertilizer and reminds you when to fertilize next!  It conveniently organizes common gardening tasks to simplify your watering and fertilizing chores.  Watch our video to see how easy it is to use!



    From a Gardner and U Can Owner

    The U Can Watering Can

    This could arguably be the world's best watering can simply because of everything that it does for the gardener all built into one tidy affordable unit. Just take a look at these features:

    This translucent plastic watering can includes:The U Can Watering Can System

    a fertilizer storage chamber,
    a built-in measuring cup and spoon,
    a fertilizing reminder dial,
    a glove jam to store your gloves,
    a sprinkler head storage post.

    Made in the USA with recycled plastic.

    Gardeners all around the world face the same challenges because let's face it, gardening is pretty much the same for all of us. It involves seeds, dirt, fertilizer, water, gardening gloves if we choose, and of course the schedule as dictated by the growing season no matter where we are in the world. The real joy of gardening for most of us is not the tools or the tasks but instead all the little miracles along the way from the first seedlings peeking through the soil, to the last delicious salad made from fresh picked greens and whatever other ingredients your garden gives you.
    This is why the U Can watering can was designed to do what it does

    By self containing the management of just about everything we need, more of our attention and time is focused on the joy of gardening and the miraculous moments that come with it. With this system we don't have to manage the fertilizer and necessary measuring tools, the feeding calendar, our gloves (when were not wearing them), the sprinkler head (when were not using it) and we know exactly how much water is in the can. Love this watering can!

    The first time you hear about a new version of something that's been around forever you think, how great can it be, it's a watering can. But as it becomes part of your gardening environment you begin to realize all the things that watering can should have been all along. All it took was someone who was a real gardener facing the real problems and annoyances that all of us deal with on a day-to-day basis in our gardens to put it together and have one of those light bulb over the head type of moments where it all comes together for you. That man was Jim Ugone, Gardner former horticulture teacher and now the world-famous inventor of what I believe we can confidently say at this point in time is the greatest watering can in the world. Find me a better one and I'll change my mind and buy that watering can too.