Joe Gardener Certified

Simple, convenient
and easy to use...

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Perfect for anyone
who gardens in:

  • Raised Beds
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Window Boxes
  • Container Gardens
  • Roses
  • Organic Gardens
  • Poolsides
  • Patios
  • Community Gardens
  • Schools
  • Municipalities

    The U Can is Joe Gardener Certified
     "Best of the Must-Haves 2010"

    Jim Ugone and Joe

    Capacities   Weight  
    Main Body: 2 gallons

    Empty U Can:

    1 pound 11 ounces
    Fertilizer Storage Capacity: 4 cups Dimensions  
    Measuring Spoon: 1 Tbsp & 1 Tsp

    U Can:

    16" H x 22" L x 7" W
    Measuring Cup: 1/2 cup    



    The U CAN® Product Details

    The U CAN has been specifically designed with gardeners in mind and each component has been engineered and constructed to meet those needs.  The U Can's erogonomic design and easy to use features make it a perfect tool for anyone with arthritic conditions or concern about carrying two gallons of water.

    The Watering Can Body

    The U CAN body has easy to read one and two gallon markers and because it is translucent, the filling process is easier. Not surprisingly, our research identified balance as the key factor when considering the purchase of a watering can. The shape of The U CAN allows it to be carried in control and close to the body. Its strategically placed rubber grips and textured surfaces greatly improve carrying and high pouring, especially when watering hanging baskets. The swanlike design also creates a very slight agitation (we call it “burpling”) that helps to remix fluids while watering and carrying. There are two tabs between the spout and the body that conveniently secure gardening gloves.

    The Storage Container

    The easily accessible and watertight storage container holds any kind of fertilizer. Green thumbs using water soluble fertilizer, time release pellets, or liquid organic options will now appreciate having their fertilizer on-board. Gardeners that have avoided the process of plant feeding may now find the chore enjoyable!

    The Reminder Dial

    Remembering the last time their plants were fed is a common problem for many gardeners. In a 2009 study we conducted through the National Gardening Association, over 67% of respondents said that they just guessed when they last fertilized. The U CAN eliminates the guesswork. Simply turn the dial and align the date with the “last applied” line on the storage container.

    The Measuring Cup and Spoon

    Gardeners will appreciate no longer having to search fertilizer and undersized measuring tools. It’s very simple: just measure, mix, and pour! The U CAN’s spoon is easily retrieved and kept dry and safe inside the on-board measuring cup. The spoon is large and clearly marked with tablespoon and teaspoon measurements. Its ergonomic stain-proof handle is long enough to reach all corners of the storage container. The measuring cup was created with tablespoon, cup, milliliter, and ounce measurements. A fun feature of The U CAN is that the measuring tools will pop-up to greet the user if they are accessed while the watering can is full. We recommend that users thoroughly wash the measurement tools after each use and include a dose of common sense when measuring, cleaning or storing.

    The Sprinkler Rose

    The U CAN’s sprinkler rose is designed to be easily removed and when not in use it can be stored below on a threaded post. The rose holes are configured to prevent annoying dripping experienced when many watering cans are up-righted. We accomplished this by eliminating sprinkler holes on the bottom of the sprinkler rose face. The resulting water flow creates a nice balance between volume and gentleness. The rose was designed for outdoor use and intentionally delivers a broad and generous amount of water.  If you desire a more direct pour or reduced volume, we suggest you return the rose to its storage post and pour straight from the spout.  When necessary, the holes can be cleaned with a small wire brush or straightened paperclip. 

    Optional Liquid Pump 

    The U CAN Brand has created a customized pump that can be used with any liquid fertilizer. The U CAN pump allows direct pumping into the water chamber.  Simply replace the standard lid with the pump assembly specially designed to fit The U CAN.  Pour your liquid into the fertilizer chamber and pump how much you need. Occasional flushing of the pump with water makes sense.

    The U CAN is manufactured in the USA, with the exception of the pump.  Unfortunately, after an exhaustive search for a US manufacturer, the only pump meeting our specifications is manufactured in China.