Joe Gardener Certified

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Perfect for anyone
who gardens in:

  • Raised Beds
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Window Boxes
  • Container Gardens
  • Roses
  • Organic Gardens
  • Poolsides
  • Patios
  • Community Gardens
  • Schools
  • Municipalities

    The U Can is Joe Gardener Certified
     "Best of the Must-Haves 2010"

    Jim Ugone and Joe

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    Secure Server IDs

    Technically, Secure Server IDs, also known as digital certificates, bind an identity to a pair of electronic keys that can be used to encrypt and sign digital information. Secure Server IDs provide a complete security solution, assuring the identity of one or all parties involved in a transaction.

    By using a Secure Server ID, we are able to conduct authenticated, encrypted on-line commerce. Our users visiting the site can submit credit card numbers or other personal information, with assurance that they are really doing business with us (and not an impostor) and that the information that they are sending to us can not be intercepted or decrypted by anyone other than the intended recipient.

    How you know when the data mode is secure

    Your browsers will automatically notify you when you move into a secure area. If you want to view our certificate you need to do the following:

    Internet Explorer

    You should see a gold padlock at the bottom of the window. Double-click on this to view the certificate information.


    You should see a gold key in the corner of the window. Double-click on this to view the certificate information.